Social media is not always a source of news

But it’s always a curator.

Interestingly, and originally, The Social Network was not a forum, or place, where you expected to find Big News articles and videos. Instead, it was a place that, almost exclusively, captured the written and pictorial expressions of individual people. It altered your judgement of what was authentic, as opposed to, for example, a well crafted corporate-like message post. Traditional Big Media would have, especially in those early days 10+ years ago, the stench of artificial and fake, if it was posted on The Social Network, as it was watered down and diluted, filtered and refined. Social media was all raw.

The Social Network has become The Mediated Network.

Big News had resided on television, within particular channels, unable to directly make contact with someone who was watching some thing on some other channel. It then built channels, or websites, on the internet. Then, proprietary channel apps on the mobile device, and further spreading into the news feeds of social media apps, as visual and textual posts. Social media is where, seemingly, many people spend their time, focus and attention. Thus, Big News had already expanded its reach.

The ignorance of the fact that predictive polling, based on restrictive mathematical formulas, outdated, flawed and heavily biased assumptions, cannot accurately encapsulate and model the total complexity that is life, and people’s behavior, results in a chaotic aftermath of explanations for ‘what went wrong’.

This is a kind of Contradiction and Complexity, whereby predictive models are truly unable to capture the many variables that impact the way a human being imagines the world, thinks, and behaves. And it this inability to predict via models is not limited to people, but also with respect to nature. All of which is expected since we live in Postnormal Times, a concept outlined by Ziauddin Sardar in a paper published in 2010. It is a time during which we are in an age of the 3 C’s of Complexity, Chaos, and Contradictions.



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